Safety & Wellness Solutions

More than an emergency button — our Wellness solution is an always-on safety net.

DAS Security Wellness offers a secure and cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security and comfort.


Activity patterns

Understand your family member’s activity pattern, and get an alert if it’s out of the ordinary.



Making sure your loved one is getting up and about.


Security & Automation

Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings.


Pendant Integration

Wellness can also be paired with Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants.



Be alerted if your loved one is wandering or leaving the house at odd hours.


Peace of Mind with Monitoring & Alerts


Know if Mom got out of bed this morning.

See if Dad left the house for his morning walk.

Receive a notification if Grandma misses her medication.

Family members and caregivers can monitor their loved-one’s activity, such as how much time is spent in bed, in a favorite chair or out of the house. And, with intelligent sensors to track and learn the home's activities of daily living, Wellness can identify anomalies that may signify a problem.

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Learn how our Wellness solution can keep your loved ones safer.

When To Consider Wellness

  • Your family members want to stay home as they age, but want the security of knowing someone is watching out for them.

  • You worry that something has happened when your aging family member doesn't get in touch.

  • A family member had a recent illness that requires extra care, but can't afford expensive assisted living.

  • You want a safety net for active and healthy aging family members.

The Wellness Advantage

Compared to traditional panic pendants, our complete Wellness solution:



Protect your home with security that goes the extra mile to keep you aware and in control — from anywhere!