Solar FAQs

Common Questions When Considering If Solar Energy Is Right For You


Deciding to go green is not always a simple choice.  Most times, it comes with a few variables and differences of opinions within the family.  For most this is a big decision, for some it is one they have been waiting for a long time to ake.  While others have waited for just the right moment and have done their due diligence and research along the way.  No matter what, most will agree there are a few questions that seem to come up all the time.  Below is just a sample of these Frequently Asked Questions that have been compiled into a list for us to share with you here.  Some of these questions are covered in parts of this website already, as such they may have kinks accordingly.  Please feel free to review and let us know if you missed anything valuable as this is a growing area since technology is ever-changing.  thanks for stopping by, and welcome your thoughts and hope to do business with you soon. 

Solar General Questions:

  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of installing solar in 2020?

  • Are there any risks of going with solar?

  • How do solar systems work?

  • Can my electricity payments rise in the future?

  • How do I know what size system I should get to power my house?

  • Will my solar panels generate power on cloudy or rainy days?

  • Can solar panels be recycled?

  • Will my HOA allow solar panels on my roof?

  • Will installing solar panels damage my roof?

  • What if my roof is already in bad condition?

  • What are the roof types and conditions for solar?

  • How can a solar system affect my roof warranty?

  • Can solar panels help increase the life of my roof?

  • How much do solar panels usually weigh?

  • Will installing solar panels damage my roof?

  • What happens when I need to replace my roof? Do all the solar panels need to come down?

  • How long do solar panels take to install?

  • How long do solar panels last?

  • How do I best maintain my solar panel system?

  • What happens if a solar panel is damaged?

  • Will adding a solar system to increase my Homeowner’s Insurance?

  • Will adding a solar system to increase my property taxes?

  • Will a solar energy system protect me from grid blackouts and outages?

  • Limitation on kW cap by energy provider (Southern Edison)?

  • What is the equipment’s’ makes and models?

  • What are the production rates during various seasons and weather conditions?

  • How does Net Metering (NEM) Billing really work?

  • What is the equipment Net Metering report capacity?

  • What are tax credits, rebates, or incentives between leasing, lease-to-own, purchasing?

Solar Installation Questions:

  • How will the optimal power production be monitored prior to installation?

  • Will the company evaluate the roof before installation to prevent leakage intrusion What are the proposed-on kilowatt size (kW)?

Solar Batteries & Generators Questions:

  • What are available additional equipment packages such as batteries, external generators, and/or manual-automatic by-pass/shut-off to the power grid from inverter/batteries/generator?

  • How do I need to store my battery?

  • Can I still use a generator after installing a solar system?

  • Is there an expansion capacity for any installed system for increasing power needs?

  • Limitation in each equipment option?

  • What is the difference between an AC-coupled battery and a DC-coupled battery configuration?

  • Are solar batteries capable of powering an entire house?

  • What the tax incentives and rebates that currently exist for solar batteries?

  • Do most solar battery systems come with monitoring?

  • What do solar batteries warranties usually cover?

  • Will getting a solar battery be enough for me to gain independence from the grid?

  • Will my solar panel continue to charge my home batteries during an outage?

Solar Financing Questions:

  • What kind of financing options being offered currently for solar PPAs?

  • What kind of financing options being offered for leasing?

  • What kind of financing options being offered for lease-to-own?

  • What kind of financing options being offered for purchasing?

  • What kind of financing options being offered for home-equity loans or tax-equity loans?

  • Is there a way to purchase solar with property tax exemptions?

  • What is the typical payback period for installing solar panels in California?

  • What is the warranty length for leasing vs purchasing when available, including guaranteed energy generation level and part replacements and the expected timetable for replacement?

Solar Company Related Questions:

  • Is the company licensed and insured? How long has the company been in the business and how experienced the personnel is in the field?

  • Will there be at least one leading CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited personnel on-site?

  •  Any prior past reprimand/violation with local, state, and federal agencies?

  • Any prior failure of installation during local agency inspection?

  • Is there a warranty on solar installations?

  • What if the solar installation damages my roof or causes roof leaks?

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Solar FAQS 

 Things to consider when looking into Solar. 


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